Spring/Summer 2023 Trunk Show Schedule

If there is not a show near you, please feel free to contact the hostess nearest you or us directly at info@maryandgraceclothing.com to place an online custom order. 

Virtual Show - all season long
Columbia, SC 
Hostess: Brittany McCrief 
Email: brittanymccrief@yahoo.com

January 11th – 15th   
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC 
Hostess: Brigitte Adley 
Email: brigitte.adley@gmail.com

January 11th – 15th   
Birmingham, AL 
Hostess: Emily Cotney
Email: eb4u@aol.com

January 11th – 15th   
Memphis, TN
Hostess: Ragan Washburn
Email: ragan.washburn@gmail.com

January 18th – 22nd   
Greenville, SC (Augusta Rd. area)
Hostess: Mallory Daniel
Email: mallorybdaniel@gmail.com

January 18th – 22nd   
Meridian, MS
Hostess: Meredith Roberts
Email: meredithrroberts@yahoo.com

January 18th – 22nd   
Tupelo, MS
Hostess: Ann Clark Masterson
Email: annclarkgannaway@gmail.com

January 25th – 29th     
Chattanooga, TN
Hostess: Emily Stanley
Email: ebstanley8407@gmail.com

January 25th – 29th  
Inlet Beach, FL
Hostess: Alex Wellborn
Email: alexandriawakeford@yahoo.com

January 25th – 29th  
Mobile, AL
Hostess: Kari Howard
Email: krh102614@gmail.com

February 1st – 5th  
Madison, MS
Hostess: Chloe Todd
Email: chloespencetodd@gmail.com

February 1st – 5th  
Lafayette, LA
Hostess: Katy Budden
Email: katy.judice@gmail.com

February 1st – 5th  
Baton Rouge, LA
Hostess: Anna Price and Amelia Lapeyrouse
Email: annaprice713@gmail.com or avlapeyrouse@gmail.com

February 8th – 12th  
Hernando, MS
Hostess: Caroline Horton
Email: carolinethorton220@gmail.com

February 8th – 12th      
Hamburg, AR
Hostess: Kristin Nutter
Email: knutter1980@yahoo.com

February 8th – 12th     
Augusta, GA
Hostess: Wesslie Freeman
Email: wjmfreeman@comcast.net

February 15th – 19th  
Birmingham, AL
Hostess: Lauren Oakes
Email: oakesandelaine@gmail.com

February 15th – 19th  
Clarksdale, MS
Hostess: Taylor Armstrong
Email: taylorsarmstrong@gmail.com

February 15th – 19th    
Oxford, MS
Hostess: Ann Elize Allen and Elizabeth Pannell
Email: annelizabethw@gmail.com or emcright@gmail.com

February 22nd - 26th    
Atlanta, GA
Hostess: Laura Turnipseed and Emily Lancaster
Email: laura.j.turnipseed@gmail.com or emilymlancaster@gmail.com

March 1st - 5th   
Nashville, TN
Hostess: Ellen Hart
Email: ellenhart94@gmail.com